Joveno GoldhouseThe Source of JOY

Our world is built on material rather than spiritual VALUES.
Today we have realized that the pursuit of profit and the accumulation of money does not lead to HAPPINESS and HEALTH. It leads to anxiety.

It is time to recharge our batteries with JOY and STRENGTH and not to base our HAPPINESS on material things, but rather to find it within ourselves and rethink money.

Before something is created on the outside, it must be created within us: KNOWLEDGE of ourselves, HEALING, GROWTH and therefore JOY and HEALTH. Then we can create something outside: from an idea into a great project and a more beautiful world. That’s what money is for – a lot of money!

It is time to put money into projects that SERVE humanity and the earth, thereby contributing to PROSPERITY for all.

The result is a BLOOMING of people, the environment, companies and therefore the economy. People, who previously viewed their world with fear and worry, are experiencing a kind of rebirth. Companies are experiencing a renaissance and new companies are opening up. Young people are experiencing RECOGNITION and JOY because their business ideas are being recognized and appreciated.

We want to create a more BEAUTIFUL WORLD for ourselves, our children, and grandchildren. I look forward to building this new world together with you.